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Condoms Offer Complete Protection against Unwarranted Pregnancy and Stds

Condoms are one of the most effective methods for the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases and unwarranted pregnancy. The primary purpose of using a condom is to prevent the semen from entering the vagina, both during and after sexual activity. Condoms are mainly made up of latex, animal membrane and plastic and can be easily ordered online from our user-friendly website.

Condoms are the safest procedure for birth control and contraception. Use of condom while having intercourse is the best method for the protection of health.

There are multiple benefits of using a condom which we will discuss below:

Condoms offer reliable protection against sexually transmitted disease such as HIV AIDS, herpes and syphilis. Condoms offer couples the advantage to enjoy tension free sexual activity. They are a better alternative than birth contraceptive pills.

Condoms are extremely easy to use. You just have to put it on your erected penis and roll it on. Ensure that the head of your penis is fully covered on with the condom before you indulge in sex. Men should wear a condom for full time while having sex. If the condom bursts during intercourse, then they should immediately put on a new condom.

What you should do to ensure you are getting the best protection from condoms:

  • The condom should be used as soon as your dick becomes erect and before any sexual contact.
  • Don’t tear the condom with fingernails or teeth.
  • Avoid the use of cold cream, petroleum jelly and hand oil as it can weaken the latex.
  • After ejaculation, immediately withdraw from the partner in order to prevent the condom from slipping off.

Condoms from vending machines are not of superior quality. Further, novelty condoms (such as flavoured or textured) are mainly intended for sexual stimulation, and not for protection. So it is advisable to read the instructions carefully before their use.

Condoms offer you safe sex and are easily available in different sizes and flavours at an affordable cost. Men can easily buy branded condoms from our user-friendly website for a safe and exciting lovemaking session.