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Showing 1–20 of 38 results


Condoms are mostly used to prevent the risk of unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases such as AIDS, gonorrhoea and syphilis. Our website sells condoms for everyone, irrespective of their gender, taste or style. Anyone can buy superior quality bulk condoms online from our website at an affordable price and get the product in a discreet box at their doorstep.

Different categories of condom

The male condom is made up of latex and is rolled on to an erect penis to prevent the flow of semen into the vagina of the woman. Condoms for males can feature spermicide and lubrication which kills the sperms quickly and efficiently. The standard condom size fits all men and works well.

On the other hand, the female condom is inserted inside the female vagina. It acts as a barrier to prevent unwanted pregnancy and STD’s. Our website has Saninex bulk condoms which can be safely used by the gays for anal sex.

Safety precautions before the use of a bulk condom 

Never use condoms after the expiry date. The material of the expired condom doesn’t stay in good condition and there is a possibility that it could break easily during sexual activity. Secondly, avoid wearing two condoms at the same time. The condom may tear apart due to the friction. Thirdly, never use the condom on a flaccid penis as it could fit improperly or fall off. Fourthly, never try a condom without telling your partner as some may be allergic to the use of latex. Further, avoid the use of a condom that smell more, looks faded or feels brittle. And lastly, patients with a history of the sexually transmitted disease should avoid the use of condoms, even if they have been completely cured of this disease. This is mainly to avoid reinfection and to prevent your partner from further infection. A little bit of self- control can protect you from future sufferings and unnecessary anxieties.

Buy bulk condoms online 

Condoms of different brands are sold in bulk quantities of 20, 36 and 144 units at our website. These condoms are made of super quality latex. They are electronically tested, highly lubricated and are ultra- resistant with exclusive design and composition. You can buy branded bulk condoms from our website to derive more pleasure during love making activity.