Anal relaxation

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Showing 1–20 of 58 results

Anal Relaxation Products Offer Maximum Pleasure during Anal Play


The anus is an access point to the prostate. A mere stimulation to the interior wall of the rectum can enable you to touch the pleasure point of prostate and reach orgasm without genital contact. However, the anus doesn’t lubricate like Vagina and penetration without adequate precaution can turn out to be painful. Since anal penetration is tough and painful, the use of an anal relaxation product can offer you the ease of enjoying anal penetration. You can buy a wide range of anal relaxation products from our safe website and get the product delivered to your doorstep in a discreet packing.


The anal relaxation product relaxes and soothes the anal sphincter for gentle insertion. It moistures the sensitive area and offers maximum pleasure during sex. The main aim of these products is to make anal penetration easier, adventurous and comfortable. All anal relaxation products on our website will make penetration easier, reduce pain and make the experience unforgettable.


Anal relaxation creams and serum reduces the chances of tearing and pain and makes anal penetration easier. It offers extra comfort and eases the experience of having anal intercourse. Anal relaxants are designed to assist your sphincter muscles to relax naturally. Anal relaxant creams are skin-friendly and make penetration comfortable and pleasurable. However, what works for one person may not necessarily work for the other.


We assure that all the products are sold and dispatched with no information regarding the product content on the outside of the delivery packet. You can explore the full range of anal relaxation products for example – anal relax lubricant, anal lube butter fists, easy anal spray, anal power concentrate, eros fisting gel, eros lady relax gel anal and eros lady relax spray at our online store. All products on our website are certified by reputed labs of the world and are completely safe to use. It is advisable to read the usage guidelines and warnings provided with the product before using it.