Water Based Lubricants

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Showing 1–20 of 434 results

Make Intercourse Pleasurable with Water-Based Lubrications

Water-based Lubricants plays a vital role in ensuring a smooth penetration and pleasurable sex. Also known as lube, it decreases friction, reduces discomfort and makes intercourse exciting and gratifying for both men and women. Water-based lubricants can be used by anyone at any time and can be bought online from our website at reasonable prices.

Water-based lubricants can be easily applied on the penis, anus and vagina during intercourse. Men can remain firm for a longer duration and prolong their lovemaking activity after its use. Women can use them to reduce dryness and improve sensation in their private parts. Water-based lubricants also offer gays extra greasing for anal penetration and oral sex.

Water-based lubricants can also be applied to the sex toys while masturbation. They are compatible with all types and designs of sex toys. They work well with all types of condoms and are easier to wash. As compared to silicone or oil-based lubricants, they are cost-effective.

Our website sells different brands of water-based lubricants. You just have to select the product, add them to the shopping cart and make an online payment. Once the transaction is successful, we will deliver the product to your mailing address in a sealed box. The privacy of our esteemed customers is of paramount importance to use. We don’t mention the name of the product on the delivery box and also avoid our website’s name and address on it. We do so, to ensure, that the delivery box or your next-door neighbour doesn’t get any idea of your purchase. Anyone can buy water-based lubricants online from our website at best prices for easier penetration and intense orgasms.